miter defence contract

The Amey and Briggs £240m MITER defence contract has now gone live, which will see the duo maintain and manage construction and materials handling equipment used by British forces

The MITER defence contract will ensure a sustained and consistent service for the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel at home and around the world.

AmeyBriggs has recently welcomed 140 new starters as contract went live in June.

Announced in August 2020, AmeyBriggs was chosen as the preferred supplier to deliver MITER, a seven-year service contract to maintain and manage the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) fleet of construction and materials handling equipment.

Since the contract award, AmeyBriggs has been working to ensure a seamless transition of existing employees, equipment and services, including new IT system development and training packages.

MITER has brought together three separate contracts under one single fleet management and maintenance provision arrangement.

The C-vehicle Capability, Defence Mechanical Handling Equipment (DMHE), and Protected Engineering Equipment contracts now form part of the new consolidated MITER contract.

‘High levels of service, innovation, and flexibility’

Gary Clements, managing director of AmeyBriggs, said: “The AmeyBriggs team has worked diligently to secure a smooth transition of services.

“We look forward to delivering high levels of service, innovation, and flexibility from the outset that meets the complex needs of our Armed Forces.”


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