880-tonne load test with Britlift modular spreader beam

modular spreader beam

880-tonne proof load test of main deck crane on DP3 Pipelay & Construction vessel Telford 34 in Mexico using a Britlift modular spreader beam, water bags from Water Weights and 700t ALRS2 load shackles from JCM Load Monitoring

The load test was carried out by Water Weights – a Unique Group company. Since 1979, Water Weights has led its field with a range of products for rent and sale worldwide, coupled with a comprehensive and expert turnkey service.

The Telford 34 combines advanced pipelay capability with accommodation for up to 335 people according to its hybrid design philosophy. With DP3, a large unobstructed main deck, an 800mt crane, a hydraulic heave-compensated telescopic gangway, S-lay pipelay equipment for 4in to 48in diameter pipe, and a 55m stinger, she can handle a wide range of projects.

The lightest modular beams

Upon successful completion of the project Jim Jota, marketing manager at Unique Group, said: “Britlift beams are the lightest modular beams in the market. Being in the rental business, we ship our equipment all throughout our region.Modular spreader beam

“The ease of use, assembly and lightweight construction is much in line with Water Weights’ ethos: safe, efficient and cost-effective in an environment where time is money.

“The engineering support we received, especially during the design phases where we needed the system to be modular, and adaptive to different configurations for various phases of testing made it a simple decision to choose Britlift.”

Britlift modular spreader beams are available off-the-shelf up to 100 tonne, with sizes from 110 tonne up to 1,500 tonne (or more) available designed and made to order.

Using our in-house 1,500-tonne compression testbed Britlift can design, manufacture, test and certify (including third part approvals/witness) in-house, meaning we can keep a tight grasp on quality and project controls throughout.


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