SPUK launches earthwork support for SME construction projects

excavation support solutions, sheet piling

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd has launched the Excavation Support Solutions division to increase project delivery and health and safety compliance of SME earthwork support projects

Excavation Support Solutions (ESS) is a trading division of Sheet Piling (UK) concentrated on providing a solution for contractors in need of temporary earthworks across the UK.

ESS combats frustrations linked with the hiring of excavation support equipment. ESS will mean contractors can avoid sourcing separate packages for design works, material and equipment hire.

The process encompasses design, project management, pre-construction activities, installation and extraction of light to heavy-duty sheet piles, as well as associated bracing works.

Health and safety benefits of ESS

The health and safety compliance burden is also lessened, with ESS’s trained operatives providing expertise, rather than a contractor having to take on board risk management themselves.

Excavation supports make it safer for site workers, meaning there are no costs incurred when writing-off hired-in materials on completion.

Additionally, the temporary works design is undertaken by in-house design engineers, thus ensuring compliance with statutory legislation and CDM Regulations 2015.

From a quality control perspective, all-steel sheet piles and structural steelwork are supplied with relevant Mill Test Certificates (MTC) and CE marking (where applicable), ensuring an additional layer of quality control and health & safety protection.

Richard Pattison, head of Sheet Pilling (UK) Ltd’s ESS division, said: “We can basically supply and install any excavation bracing system, using either fabricated structural steelwork, or proprietary hydraulic bracing systems.

“We deliver services in one attractive, easy-to-access package, providing clients with unique, hassle-free, timely and safe solutions, no matter what their excavation support needs.”

SPUK’s managing director, Andrew Cotton, added: “SPUK has been associated with larger sheet piling projects for more than two decades and is now channelling its expertise to bring its same core values and ways of working to small and medium-sized projects.

“We have identified a gap in the market, which ESS can fill, and believe we have an irresistible proposition for SME contractors.”


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