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Meeting fire safety obligations

Shaun Doyle, of Ivorfire Safety outlines what firms need to do to meet their fire safety obligations

What can go wrong with roofing?

Andy Butchers, Director of Build-Zone Survey Services shares his insider knowledge to help you troubleshoot this key element of your building project.

How to manage dust on construction sites

Dr Hugh Datson, Principal Environmental Scientist, DustScan Ltd discusses the necessary steps to mitigate and manage dust on construction sites
electric heating

A complete electric heating and hot water solution

The Comet Electric Combi boiler provides a complete solution for domestic properties in need of electric heating and hot water.

CDM Differently and the architect

How can CDM Differently and the architectural process lead to a successful project outcome? Paul Bussey, Technical Consultant at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris and RIBA member, discusses what it means for architects
Lexicon initiative by Steve Thompson

LEXiCON – Decoding the built environment

LEXiCON provides a world-first opportunity for the industry to share product data consistently, using a plain language dictionary developed by relevant industry bodies. PCSG’s Senior Consultant and Vice Chair of BIM4M2, Steve Thompson explains more
BIM4Police Group and the need for consistency

The BIM4Police Group: A roadmap for standards

The aims of the BIM4Police Group, including the need for consistency, are explained by Javed Edahtally, Chair of BIM4Police and Head of BIM, Computer Modelling and Analysis at the Metropolitan Police Service.
Smart city lighting

The six stages of the smart city challenge for local government

Recent research suggests that local government needs to pass through six stages in their journey to smart city status, as John Fox, Managing Director of Lucy Zodion describes.
PBC Today October 2016

PBC Today October 2016

Since our Summer edition went live, the political landscape has changed beyond imagination. We voted for Brexit, and our political parties descended into chaos...
Accessible housing in the UK

Why accessible housing shouldn’t be a niche issue

The growing national demand for inclusive, accessible housing shouldn’t be a niche issue, as argued by Jean Hewitt, Director of the Centre for Accessible Environments.
data collection through BIM Models

International Measurement Standards: Providing better data collection through BIM models

Global standards and classifications that allow more consistent international use of BIM models will lead to the better collection of data for both space and cost prediction as explained here by Alan Muse, Director of Built Environment Professional Groups at the RICS
The UK BIM Alliance supporting the communities by coordinating collateral and knowledge.

UK BIM Alliance – moving forward with The Survey Association

Martin Penney, BIM Liaison for The Survey Association, Acting Chair for Survey4BIM Committee and Member of the UK BIM Alliance Transition Team, outlines how the organisations are working together for the development of BIM in the UK.
Air Quality Management

How to address air quality in planning applications

The issue of air quality has been rising in the news of late, and its impact on planning applications is a key factor as explained by Roger Barrowcliffe, Vice Chair, Institute of Air Quality Management.
CDM15 Health and Safety

CDM15 – one year on

The introduction of CDM15 last year saw significant changes to the health and safety landscape. Now one year on, Louise Hosking, Director at Hosking Associates Ltd outlines the challenges that remain.
Further regulation won’t help solve the housing crisis

Further regulation won’t help solve the housing crisis

Reflecting on the recent APPG inquiry into the quality and workmanship of new housing in England, Rico Wojtulewicz, Policy Advisor at the House Builders Association argues that more regulation won't solve the housing crisis
housebuilding in the UK

The housebuilder’s challenge: a realistic target?

74 percent of housebuilders think the government’s aim of building a million homes during the current Parliament is unachievable. Gwyn Roberts, Homes and Communities Leader at BRE Global examines what can be done to make this target a reality
smart infrastructure

Let’s seize the opportunity of smart infrastructure

Smart infrastructure can offer exciting opportunities and transform our thinking, but there is an urgent need to incorporate it more quickly, as argued here by Nabil Abou-Rahme, Head of Smart Infrastructure at Mott MacDonald
affordable work and business space

Creating opportunities for affordable work and business space

Creating opportunities for affordable work and business space is achievable if done through sensitive urban renewal and place-making, as highlighted here by David Edwards, Director at Place-Make.
housing shortage

State of the Nation – A housing shortage

In addressing the continuing issue of a housing shortage, Richard Ogden, Chairman of Buildoffsite is still waiting for a modern, innovative approach to delivering the homes that the UK needs.
cavity wall insulation

Full-fill cavity wall insulation and exposure to wind-driven rain

The use of full-fill cavity wall insulation in areas of very severe exposure to wind-driven rain requires a professional approach as explained by Knauf Insulation.

Bringing domestic energy storage home to everyone

Batteries for domestic energy storage are becoming a reality, with SolaX Power leading the way in bringing them to every home.
NHS Estates

How NHS Estates are developing BIM, the NEC3 contracts and IoT

How the NHS Estates are developing BIM, the NEC3 and IoT are all addressed in an interview with Karl Redmond, Director of both BIM4HEALTH and BIM4SME UK Groups.
Secured by Design

Secured by Design – reducing crime by good design

Secured by Design is a national police project which aims to improve the physical security of a home.

Fluid range launch set to revolutionise industry

Kilfrost is aiming to revolutionise the heating and cooling industry with its new range of heat transfer fluids.
Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures solves complex steelwork challenge

Tekla Structures improves team collaboration and solves complex steelwork challenge for a spectacular new building at Durham University.
ground source heat pump

Efficiency of the ground source heat pump

A ground source heat pump (GSHP) scheme can provide the most efficient means to obtain renewable heating and cooling as explained by John Findlay, Director of Carbon Zero Consulting Ltd and Chair of GSHPA.

PBC Today October 2016