2021 standards for UK housebuilders launched by NHBC


Warranty and insurance provider, NHBC has launched the 2021 standards for UK housebuilders

The standards for UK housebuilders will be effective for every new home covered by an NHBC warranty, where foundations are begun on or after 1 January 2021.

NHBC’s standards team have spent the last year developing fresh technical content and updates to form the new standards, working with stakeholders from across the industry.

Updated standards for UK housebuilders

Updates to the new version include a full review of Chapter 7.1 ‘Flat Roofs, Terraces and Balconies’, to reflect its extended scope which now includes terraces and podiums; updates to Chapter 6.1 ‘External Masonry Walls’ to reflect requirement changes; and a technical update to Chapter 10.2 ‘Drives, Paths and Landscaping’.

Richard Smith, NHBC’s head of standards, innovation and research, said: “This edition is being issued during an extraordinary period where we are all facing a range of challenges caused by Covid-19.

“That said, we are confident that these updates will enhance the existing standards, providing additional support and guidance, and will help builders and developers to deliver the highest possible new home standards for the benefit of people living in them.”

You can view and download the 2021 standards for UK housebuilders for free here.


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