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The ALLPLAN 2019 BIM solution for architects and engineers in building and infrastructure was updated recently

In May 2019, ALLPLAN announced the update of its Allplan 2019-1 BIM solution for architects and engineers. This update offers new features and optimisation in data exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration based on Allplan Bimplus, as well as numerous detailed improvements in terms of performance and stability. In addition, Allplan 2019-1 provides a new function for visual scripting, available as a technical preview.

In BIM projects, each project participant usually creates their own model. Coordination usually takes place in cloud-based BIM platforms such as Allplan Bimplus. In many cases, it is helpful if the model of a project partner can be stored as a reference model. Allplan 2019-1 supports this procedure, in which models, including attributes, can be downloaded from Allplan Bimplus to Allplan. The objects are stored on a special layer and are thus clearly separated from your own model data. In addition, changes to the reference model and unintentional upload to Allplan Bimplus are excluded.

The Allplan 2019 version already contains numerous functions that support the creation of buildings and structures with high geometric complexity and simplify cooperation between planning partners in BIM projects. Some of the Allplan 2019 highlights include:

Improved teamwork for architects and engineers

Allplan 2019 contains new views and sections for reinforcement detailing. With this development, write-access to the building model is no longer required when detailing reinforcement. This enables role-based access rights and facilitates collaboration between architects and engineers on the same project. For example, architects have write-access for all components, engineers have write-access for the reinforcement and read access for the components. This makes it possible to work on a common building model on an interdisciplinary basis.

Floor and level management for complex buildings

In Allplan 2019, floor and layer management has been completely revised and expanded to include the layer manager palette. The palette facilitates the creation and modification of floors and levels. A preview function allows direct visual feedback on the planned changes. In addition, floors can be comfortably selected, and names or heights can be easily adjusted.

Optimised range of properties and objects

With the new property palette, settings such as format, visualisation and attributes for components such as walls, ceilings, foundations, roofs and rooms can be managed. The Object palette allows you to sort objects by their properties. Objects for which properties are missing, outdated or incorrectly assigned are easier to identify and correct, which contributes to the increased quality of the building model.

New features of the IFC4 interface

IFC is the standard interface for openBIM projects. The latest version IFC4 represents a further improvement that enables the export of basic geometry information (“BaseQuantities”) in BIM projects. In addition, the user interface has been simplified and new options integrated, including the ability to split multi-layered walls and roofs into individual elements.

Enhancement of user-defined roles in the Actionbar

The Actionbar provides standard access to role-specific functions for architecture, civil engineering, terrain, construction and bridges. In Allplan 2019, standard settings can be individually adjusted, functions can be added, deleted or restructured. This makes the configuration much more flexible.





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