SCIA, Europe’s number one provider of structural analysis software, came up with a fast, easy-to-use, accurate and reliable application that enables structural engineers to automatically convert physical models from any 3D CAD software to create high-quality and accurate analysis models

The solution is called SCIA AutoConverter and the structural engineers who use it are thrilled about it. Renee Heijmans, structural engineer and director of Exact Consulting & Engineering in The Netherlands, is happy to share his experience.

Tell us a little bit about your company

Renee: The company we founded is mainly active for auxiliary structures within the construction industry: scaffolding, formwork, supports. We work that out, make drawings for it, calculations and work plans.

What would you say is the biggest daily challenge in your profession?

Renee: The biggest challenge is to ensure that practice matches theory. And that we keep the process running. That everyone gets their work done on time and that it’s right what’s being done out there.

Does SCIA AutoConverter play a role in that? What’s the reason you purchased the software?

Renee: As a structural engineer, I was always bothered by the fact that when we get a 3D model from a draftsman, we always have to set up the model all over again in SCIA Engineer. So when I got the message that a SCIA AutoConverter was available, I was interested.

Structural engineers

Can you tell us something about the experience of the SCIA AutoConverter?

Renee: We actually like it very much. We get the model from the modeller and we upload it into the AutoConverter. It doesn’t take much time to convert it to a good working SCIA model. And so it saves us 20% to 30% of time as a design engineer to set up the model again.

Would you recommend SCIA AutoConverter to others as well?

Renee: I would recommend SCIA Auto-Converter to others. The moment they get 3D models to calculate, it will save them a lot of time. Plus, they’re a lot more complete with the model. You get the model from the draftsman with just everything in it. You have everything complete and you don’t have to call the modeller again right away to ask “how did you come up with this, how did you come up with that”, but you actually just see it reflected in your model.

Watch the whole interview here.

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