Script&Go to present at the 2018 COMIT Annual Conference


Later this month, Script&Go’s founder and CEO, Benôit Jeannin will be speaking on the 1st day of the forthcoming 2-day COMIT Annual Conference (#COMIT2018) in London and will be addressing a range of construction and technology stakeholders on issues relating to this year’s conference theme: “Digital Construction, Lighting the Way.” This continues their participation with the COMIT community, following their earlier COMIT Community Day participation

Here we share some insights to what Benoît will address in his presentation, “Get Digital. Get Mobile. Get Productive.

Understanding digitisation, mobilisation…

To begin, you’ll be provided with

  • an understanding of what ‘getting digital’ and ‘getting mobile’ in construction means;
  • learn about the historical development of a graphical user interface (GUI), gain knowledge of intuitive technologies;
  • obtain a clear overview of the construction management challenges;
  • hear about our perception of the technology marketplace, the role of BIM and the key technological components available for integration.

Client case-study insights

Through case study information and data, you’ll be provided with real insights from some of our property and construction clients, such as Groupe Lamotte, Groupe Giboire from France and Costain from the UK. You’ll be showed how digital transformation improves sustainability and cures the ‘pain’ they suffered before through manual construction management processes and how mobilisation improves stakeholder collaboration and cures the ‘pain’ of repeated trips ‘to and fro’ the office and the field.

Productivity benefits and Script&Go’s versatile platform in the spotlight


Then you’ll hear how Script&Go can help improve your construction management processes to enable you to reap the multiple benefits of improved productivity and a clear idea of what they are. You’ll receive an insight into how Script&Go’s builds its intuitive software and mobile app systems as a versatile platform for the international real estate and construction sectors, how the company helps educate the industry it serves and finally hear about the intuitive user-friendly solutions, BatiScript and Site Diary, that it offers and continues to develop.

Conference registration and Script&Go contact opportunity


To attend what should be a highly informative 2018 COMIT Annual Conference you can book here.

To arrange to meet at the event and/or to discuss your mobile digital solution and productivity needs further, contact UK Country Manager, Faisal Hamid.


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