Whitepaper reveals how to improve construction productivity through mobile digital solutions


Script&Go release a whitepaper highlighting how stakeholders in the construction and infrastructure sector can improve their productivity through the use of mobile digital solutions

Throughout the whitepaper Script&Go aims to reveal how productivity of the global construction and infrastructure sector can improve by harnessing the benefits of digitisation and mobilisation. It sets out to provide stakeholders in the sector worldwide with insights into the challenges and opportunities of increasing their productivity. In particular, it aims to equip these professionals with an understanding of the importance of digital mobile solutions for improving their productivity.

From data analysis of a survey that Script&Go carried out in 2017, through contact with 300 client organisations, it discovered that continued digital transformation and mobilisation are prerequisites for improving productivity further in the sector today. Script&Go suggest that despite the ‘pull’ of national government strategies and policies to provide frameworks for improvement, a simultaneous grass-roots ‘push’ is also needed. It believes that steps also need to be taken, by individuals and organisations, to continue to digitise and operate in mobility.

In the paper, Script&Go has considered the challenges facing the construction and infrastructure sector as well as the multiple opportunities, led by government strategies and policies and benefits of digitisation and mobilisation.

Script&Go concluded that the way forward is through both digitisation and mobilisation of the sector, simultaneously, in order for it to become more productive. They suggest that the value-adding and time-saving benefits of this and the paper-free processes it includes will undoubtedly enable the ‘vicious productivity circle’ of the sector to become truly virtuous.

Script&Go firmly believes that widespread digital transformation and mobilisation in the construction and infrastructure sector should include the adoption of mobile digital solutions to assist in improving not only the overall productivity of the sector but the sustainability of it, and ultimately contribute to better societal outcomes.

To access the free whitepaper follow the link: http://www.scriptandgo.com/en/whitepaper/


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