Viewpoint For Projects transitions to ViewpointID for single sign-on


At Trimble Viewpoint, we’ve been busy laying the groundwork for greater integration between our products and the wider Trimble ecosystem, with the purpose of bringing our customers a world class suite of construction specific software solutions


Viewpoint For Projects (VFP) has transitioned to a dedicated authentication service for logging into the platform. The authentication service, named ViewpointID, puts VFP users on equal footing across the platform; establishing a springboard for integration across Trimble’s product ecosystem. In addition, customers can use ViewpointID alongside Single Sign-On and Active Directory federated services for better user management.

The goal is that customers can take advantage of connected and integrated workflows that offer incredible and unmatched advantage.

More about ViewpointID

ViewpointID can be used as part of a Multi-Factor Authentication system, with users being required to provide a second form of authentication in addition to a login and password (powered by Viewpoint MFA or Azure MFA).

As the UK’s most used Common Data Environment solution (NBS BIM Report 2020) with a very strong global reach, we are custodians of over half a million user accounts in the construction space. The Trimble network increases this number even further, with well-known names such as Connect Tekla, SketchUp, and MEP (Stabicad) being part of the Trimble ecosystem. We’re excited to be a step closer in making Trimble products seamless and connected.

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