BioComposites Centre to review bioenergy resources for construction


Bangor University’s BioComposites Centre (BC) has been selected to lead a consortium to deliver a review on ‘The potential for using bioenergy resources for construction and other non-energy uses’

BioComposites Centre will deliver the review for the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), a non-governmental advisory body. This review will feed into the updated Bioenergy Review 2018, which will be published by the CCC in the autumn.

The consortium has brought together leading experts in timber and bio-based materials (BioComposites Centre), Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Products Declarations (JCH Industrial Ecology, Renuables) and Carbon accounting and Discounting (Professor Colin Price). The team will deliver a review of biomass use and availability in the UK, and its potential role in greenhouse gas abatement strategies. The study will include a deep review of the carbon accounting of using sequestered carbon (timber) in construction.

Dr Graham Ormondroyd, Head of Materials Research at the BioComposites Centre said:

“Through our links with the industry and industrial associations the team will be able to give an in-depth analysis of the sector and a robust evaluation of the environmental benefits of the increased use of timber in construction. It is a fantastic opportunity for Bangor University to help shape the policy around future building stock towards green building and the use of timber.”


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