Mitie sets out roadmap for net zero carbon estate by 2025


Mitie has announced its roadmap to achieve a net zero estate by 2025, part of Mitie’s Plan Zero pledge

Mitie’s pledge is to use its significant expertise in facilities and energy management to achieve net zero carbon for its operational emissions by 2025.

The first four sites – a mixture of offices and warehouses located in Birmingham, Glasgow, Nottingham, and East Hampshire – will achieve net zero carbon emissions by ensuring that only renewable electricity is used and by replacing the gas heating systems currently in use at three of the sites with heat pumps.

With each property requiring a slightly different approach to decarbonise, these sites will be used as opportunities to develop and hone best practice that can be applied to the rest of Mitie’s buildings and shared with its customers. Once they have been decarbonised, Mitie will focus on the next priority sites on the list.

While the removal of gas heating systems and switch to renewable energy will result in Mitie decarbonising its sites, the business will be taking its commitment further, using its in-house energy management and project expertise to reduce the amount of energy it uses in the first place.

This will include improving the energy efficiency of its sites to lower its environmental impact.

Mitie has already carried out surveys of its entire estate to identify opportunities to make its buildings more energy efficient, for example by upgrading to LED lighting, improving the buildings’ insulation, and replacing old heating and cooling systems with new, more efficient, equipment

Mitie will also roll-out a number of energy optimisation initiatives across its estate. As well as adjusting settings, for example of heating and cooling systems, Mitie has established a new company-wide ‘Carbon Conscious Comfort Policy’, setting the optimum temperature and lighting levels that offer the best balance between employees’ health and wellbeing and reducing energy use.

Decarbonisation and retrofitting

Simon King, director of sustainability and social value, Mitie, said: “While there is often a lot of focus on the energy use of new buildings, given that 80% of the sites that will be in use in 2050 have already built, the decarbonisation and retrofitting of existing commercial properties will be essential to helping the UK meet its net zero targets.

“We’re proud to be leading by example not only with our commitment to have a fully net zero estate, but also by using our building management and sustainability expertise to cut the amount of energy we use in the first place.”


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