How Revizto streamlined a Central London Hospital construction project

Hospital construction

Bouygues Construction implemented Revizto software during their Central London Hospital construction project when they experienced ongoing challenges with process management. Here we learn more

Bouygues Construction’s entities in the UK have been operating in the country for over 20 years and have progressively grown their businesses in the building, infrastructure and industry sectors. As part of a global and multi-faceted organisation, Bouygues Construction in the UK has direct access to best practice knowledge gleaned from an impressive back catalogue of major projects.

Lewis Wenman’s job is to ensure that digital information management systems are correctly set up for projects and to align governance to meet the client’s information requirements. He directly oversees the introduction of digital tools on to projects to make sure that information sharing between the project teams, including the design team, runs smoothly and accurately. Lewis also reviews tender information and responds to all the pre-tender and post-contract requirements.

Process management during Bouygues’s recent hospital construction project was a challenge – how did Revizto help?

His experience with Revizto started when his team had an ongoing challenge with process management, particularly during a hospital construction project.

“We had BIM tools, so we were generating models and drawings from those. But the problem is that when this information is shared, the drawings are going in one direction and the models in another. Trying to coordinate the issues around both is a challenge. As a consequence, we ended up creating many different issue trackers and silos of issues within the tools; bringing those into one place to handle them was difficult,” he said.

Managing architectural, structural, MEP and other issues concerning the model itself became a major problem for Lewis and his company. Furthermore, managing the clash detection process from one tool to another was a considerable challenge. For Lewis’s team, comments on drawings and models were separate and people didn’t understand the relationship between them. Revizto helped them bring the entirety of issue management back into one place and keep all the drawings and models together.

Hospital construction projects are distinct

“Getting design sign-off from the hospital users, end users and the design team is a drawn-out process that needs to be done very precisely. Revizto assists us during this process. From a design point of view, the technicality of the MEP services for hospitals really exceeds our schemes, especially when taking into account the complications of dealing with medical gases or putting up backup systems in place. As a result, the MEP coordination went through extreme measures, and managing these issues was nearly impossible… until we started using Revizto.”

Lewis was keen to share some peculiar tips from his experience with Revizto.

“One of the key things that we like about Revizto is the ability to plug in a sheet when non-model issues are generated into the system, so that you don’t always need to have a model or drawing to generate an issue. We have a plain sheet that is available for general issues, which can then be assigned to people. When all those models go into Revizto, we have a model issue sheet that gives us specific information about the models and how they are coordinated – a real key advantage.

“Making sure that you understand what content is being shared from a model and that the view is set up inside your master project is really handy. Being able to expose the 3D data from a particular discipline is key to avoiding multiple geometries from different models within the Revizto environment.”

More importantly, Lewis values the ability to invite all project stakeholders to collaborate through Revizto. For Lewis, it is not only for internal use. His team has invited designers who work with them on projects, as well as their subcontractors and clients, to review the model and comments.

ROI savings with Revizto

When asked about the ROI compared to other tools, Lewis elaborated on savings achieved with Revizto.

“I was working on a recent hospital construction project, going through the C-Sheet approval process for the design team – getting the comments from the clinicians, reviewing and verifying those comments, and then adjusting the designs accordingly… without Revizto, the time for this would have been tenfold.”

Initially, Lewis and his team used Revizto or the technical design during the pre-construction phase. However, they are now using Revizto at all stages through post-completion.

“Revizto greatly sped up our team’s understanding of the design, getting a grip on the project and coordinating any issues there. We use Revizto to manage the design issues for the construction phases and help the teams visualise the onsite setting,” Lewis said.

Revizto 5

The Revizto team put tremendous effort into the fifth version of Revizto, launching it as a true Integrated Collaboration Platform last year. The Revizto 5 Integrated Collaboration Platform (ICP) provides universal access to project data, both for 2D and 3D workflows, creating a culture of collaboration across all trades from the first day of the project’s inception.

“We moved to Revizto 5 – and our initial thoughts are that it is fantastic. We’re now in a much better position to manage the models which are inside Revizto,” Lewis said.

As an executive with vast experience in using many digital platforms and tools on different large-scale projects, Lewis shares more about his experience with Revizto software.

“I had models that I would struggle to view inside Revit with everything completely loaded unless you’ve got a really powerful machine. The Revizto environment enables us to see these heavily loaded models all in one place. Another thing that I like about Revizto is that you don’t need an application to run and synchronise your model. It actually downloads the data to your machine and gives you better control. Some of the other tools that I’ve used only work through a web browser. Issues with your internet speed and access could actually hinder the coordination process.”

With Revizto, you can create offline exportable files and share models with people without a need for them to install software on their machines, which is truly great.

“We now have the traditional 2D issues, design issues, coordinating issues and 3D clashes all captured within Revizto. We have a very robust model suitability assessment in place. It helps assess the quality of your models, better understand what the model or BIM can be used for. Before using Revizto, we used to capture the results of our assessments in an Excel spreadsheet with a long list of tasks that needed to be undertaken by the design team. This is all now captured within Revizto! Very often, we are forced to remodel already fixed issues, and Revizto helps us to review the history of issue handling and fixing those with ease.”

‘Keeping BIM together’

When asked what comes to mind when thinking about Revizto software, Lewis answered firmly:

“Keeping BIM together! We put a lot of effort into generating the models and then extracting drawings from them, but then they tend to go off in various directions. They go through different processes and people start commenting and reviewing separately; the issues are then never coordinated jointly! With Revizto, we store the building information model in one place; all the models, drawings, issues and 3D clashes are kept coherently together.”


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