New apprenticeship to deliver the ‘acousticians of the future’


A new apprenticeship in acoustics is being launched to industry supported by the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) and the Institute of Acoustics (IOA)

The acoustics technician apprenticeship has been developed as an employer-led and industry initiative.

Richard Grove, acoustics director at BDP and chairman of the working group which has developed the apprenticeship, said: “The new apprenticeship will help deliver the acousticians of the future, which are needed across a range of industries to meet demand.

“It will also bring benefits to the higher education sector, by acting as a feeder for degree courses, either under the apprenticeship route or as a sponsored degree by a company.”

The Trailblazer Group behind the programme were recently presented with the Armstrong Next Generation Award at the John Connell Awards, organised by the Noise Abatement Society, for promoting and facilitating entry to the acoustics profession.

Grove added: “Apprentices will have a clear, defined career path and the programme will offer opportunities for diversity and inclusion within the acoustics industry.

“We expect the first cohort of apprentices to start in 2020 and our hope is that employers support it.”

Information about the Acoustics Technician Level 4 Apprenticeship programme is being presented at a cross-sector event, taking place in London on 21 January.

More details about the acoustics apprenticeship standard can be found at;

The acoustics industry

Acoustics can do much to improve and enhance our environments.

The early engagement of acoustic consultancy services is recommended to achieve the right outcomes in the control of noise – and to help take control of an issue that is clearly having an impact on peoples’ quality of life across the UK.

Apprenticeships in construction

Many companies and projects are now offering apprenticeships to attract young talent into the industry. For example, the Hinkley Point C project is on track to create 1,000 apprenticeships during construction. It has already helped to create over 8,500 jobs with thousands more to follow over the coming years, and the new apprentices will gain qualifications in a range of subjects.

Likewise, the Skills Centre in Salford was set up by housing provider ForHousing in 2009 to create new possibilities for people who otherwise might find it hard to find jobs or get qualifications. To date, the centre has worked with more than 900 people from all walks of life to help fuel their potential and has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary by welcoming its 400th apprentice.


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