M-AR puts comprehensive Net Zero strategy into action

Net Zero strategy

Offsite contractor M-AR is investing in a greener future by putting a comprehensive Net Zero strategy into action across the business

The first phase of the plan, which M-AR is already making headway with, focuses on three key elements – minimising waste, reducing energy consumption and specifying more sustainable materials.

Being a manufacturer as well as a contractor, M-AR has an advantage with greater control over production processes. For example, a controlled factory environment means that waste materials, which would typically be thrown away on site, can be easily segregated for recycling or later reuse.

‘M-AR is working hard to achieve Net Zero at every stage of a project’

As a contractor, M-AR is already working hard to reduce the number of miles travelled for each project by sourcing as much as possible locally around each site and investing into its electric company car fleet.

The company is also working closely with its wider supply chain, plant and equipment and site delivery teams to reach its ultimate goal of achieving Net Zero at every stage of a project from manufacture to delivery and installation, as well as taking into account the future life cycle of the buildings produced.


Being a responsible, sustainable business is as much about taking positive action as well as reducing and minimising environmental impact down to zero.

Recently M-AR recertified its ISO certifications

Earlier this year M-AR recertified its ISO certific eaations for the way it operates as a business, including ISO 45001 which is billed as being the world’s first global health and safety management system concerning the health, safety and wellbeing of staff.

Where possible, M-AR also teams up with local community organisations and charities located around its construction sites to make a positive change whether that’s planting trees or donating food for an event.

Mark Fox, manufacturing director at M-AR said: “Offsite by its very nature already offers significant benefits in terms of sustainability, especially when compared to alternative construction methods, but that doesn’t mean that we’re resting on our laurels as we know more can be done to reduce our overall environmental impact.

“It’s not going to be a quick process but we’re in it for the long haul, and as part of our strategy, we’ll be constantly collecting data so we can see how we can make improvements to keep us on track as we progress.

M-AR’s Net Zero strategy is about making sustainability a key part of the design and build process

“Our commitment to, and investment in, achieving Net Zero is about making sustainability a key part of our whole design and build process.

“While our clients in the housing, education and commercial sectors alike are increasingly keen to understand the green credentials of a project, we believe this should not be about box-ticking.

“As a construction company we’re building homes, schools and public buildings for the future, and taking care of our environment for that future is a vital part of that process.”

Download M-AR’s current Net Zero policy to find out more.

For more information call 01482 635 08, email buildingrelationships@m-ar.co.uk or visit www.m-ar.co.uk


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