BPDA publish guide for concrete pipes and culverts


The newly formed British Precast Drainage Association (BPDA) has published a concise guide to the characteristics that make the case for concrete pipes and culverts

The guide titled ‘20 Reasons to Use Concrete’, summarises the technical arguments around resistance to jetting pressure and sulphate attack; quality arguments focusing on consistent manufacturing standards and exceptional durability; site practice arguments considering safety and installed savings and outlines the sustainability arguments around concrete as a material.

It’s a rapid digest of the compelling arguments supporting the use of modern precast concrete components in underground wastewater systems, and a handy summary of subjects that are explored in more detail on the BPDA’s comprehensive website and supporting technical documentation.

Recently formed from the amalgamation of the Concrete Pipeline Systems Association and the Box Culvert Association, the BPDA is providing new vigour behind an ongoing campaign to highlight the clear performance benefits associated with precast concrete drainage components.

Stuart Crisp, Business Development Director of the BPDA said: “The most popular sections of our website have always been the pages that provide clear, concise advice on the use of concrete pipes and culverts, so it makes complete sense to make 20 Reasons to Use Concrete the first new publication from the new association.”

The document is available on request from BPDA or as a pdf download from the website www.precastdrainage.co.uk.

concrete pipes and culverts


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