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The daily deluge of digital information on construction projects can serve to glue up project progress, slow down decisions and put significant burden on project teams as they search for the latest digital information. There’s also serious consequences when there’s inadequate record-keeping, not only for those involved in construction but also asset owners

BC Enterprise from GroupBC is an enabler for businesses that are struggling to manage digital information across traditional network shares, hard drives and disparate and disconnected systems; to those needing to demonstrate industry compliance in order to win public sector work, and to clients wanting to capture and own their asset information.

Whether you are a contractor, designer, consultant or client, BC Enterprise helps you to retain total control, collaborate better and drive positive business outcomes.

Powerful and intuitive digital information management in the cloud

At its most simple, BC ensures that data, documents, drawings, models and more are all captured and controlled in a way that makes it easy to search and retrieve. Whether you are in the office, on-site or on the move, BC’s workflow-driven solution enables access to the information you need to take positive project and asset decisions.

Flex to fit

BC Enterprise is designed to support teams, large or small, to intuitively manage the many thousands of drawings, documents, models and data transactions from a single project or asset through to major programmes of work.

Extending from the core BC platform are a range of integrated modules delivering operational support including BIM data/model viewing and management, e-tendering, programme and project-level quality assurance and compliance, capital project and property management, as well as a powerful geo capability for locating and connecting your assets and projects to their place in the world.

Compliance is vital

It’s not only organisations that are involved in the construction but also those operating and maintaining built assets where compliance is vital; as we’ve seen it can literally be a matter of life or death.

If something goes wrong, can you prove who is responsible for any failures to comply with legal or industry requirements? Building and maintaining the ‘digital twin’ with BC provides both a life history of its initial development, and a platform that can be used to maintain auditable records of its maintenance, operation and performance, vital during any disputes.

The power of location

With BC’s unique visual map interface, you can discover the power of geo-location when assets and projects are placed in the real world, and connected to environmental, social, crime and other homegrown GIS data. This capability delivers powerful insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and manage risk at every stage of the project and asset lifecycle.

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