Green light for Ebbsfleet Garden City’s third primary school

Ebbsfleet Garden City,

Plans have been approved for Ebbsfleet Garden City’s third primary school which will provide places for up to 420 pupils

The new primary school at Ebbsfleet Garden City will also include a 26-place nursery.

Ebbsfleet Green Primary School will be in the centre of the Redrow development in Ebbsfleet Green and follows Cherry Orchard Primary School in Castle Hill which opened in 2017 and Springhead Park Primary School which will open this September.

The school will be run by the Maritime Academy Trust and the application by Kent County Council was approved by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation’s planning committee.

The school has undergone extensive design improvements since it was first submitted and now exceeds the standard approach normally taken to school buildings.

The school’s layout has been turned from a single rectangular block, into a courtyard school, providing a sheltered space for outdoor learning and events.

The new school will open in September 2021.

Up to 950 homes will eventually be on the Ebbsfleet Green site, which already benefits from the first supermarket and pub and hotel in Ebbsfleet Garden City.

Plans have also been submitted for a £55m 2,200 place primary and secondary education campus in Whitecliffe.

Ebbsfleet Garden City now has more than 2,000 homes and an estimated population of nearly 5,000 people. Eventually, it will have up to 15,0000 new homes.

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation recently announced it had bought 125 hectares of land around Ebbsfleet International station to create Ebbsfleet Central.

Ebbsfleet Central will deliver a new commercial and residential centre within the Garden City providing jobs, homes, community and cultural facilities.


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