Fasteners and hinges are important for the sustainability and longevity of a building

Fasteners and hinges are important for the sustainability and longevity of a building

SFS Limited explains why fasteners and hinges are crucial to the structure and aesthetics of a building

Over the last 20 years or so, a combination of technological developments and design advancements have led to progressively more sophisticated building design. These new designs have led to technical challenges both onsite and at the design stage, so even small components like the fastener, often forgotten but which plays a vital structural role as well as forming a highly visible part of the building envelope, have had to evolve.

Quality and Innovation

SFS has been well placed to keep pace with these industry developments. Recognised as the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of carbon and stainless steel fastening systems for roofing, cladding and façade systems, it has continually been at the forefront of designing and developing fasteners that ‘push the envelope’.

Part of the construction division of the £1bn SFS Group which manufactures mechanical fastening systems and precision formed components for the construction, automotive, medical, electronic and industrial markets, SFS has a long history of precision engineering. In addition to fasteners, SFS produces high-quality hinges and window installation systems. Gesipa rivets, Nvelope rainscreen rails and brackets and the Soter Fall Arrest System for flat roofs also form part of SFS intec’s offer to the UK construction market.

Not surprisingly since the Group’s headquarters are in Switzerland, several teutonic traits impregnate the company’s brand, values, products and services. SFS products are known for their quality, performance and reliability. With investment in equipment, skills and know-how, the group embodies the all-round Vorsprung durch Technik concept.

Collaboration with Architects, Contractors and OEMs

While fasteners and hinges are small components of a build, they are vitally important to the sustainability, durability and longevity of the building. With SFS intec’s commitment to working with designers and construction professionals to design and manufacture bespoke products and provide first rate customer and technical support, expensive and time-consuming mistakes in product specification and installation can be eliminated. We work with all players in the design and construction chain to ensure the right products are selected and can perform to demanding standards.

The SFS Specifications Team support architects and design teams with RIBA-accredited CPD seminars on various themes and help to write NBS Plus clauses to support the entire specification process. SFS’ team can advise designers and contractors on specifying the right fastener for the application, support system warranties of up to 40 years and provide structured data for BIM Level 2.

Future Focus

David Wigglesworth, Managing Director of SFS UK, concludes “Our focus is on our core competencies to service both current and future industry requirements. BIM and sustainability are key to achieving our goals. As a responsible manufacturer, we’ve invested in our own sustainability credentials, installing new energy-efficient lighting with plans to further reduce our energy and waste. The future for the UK construction industry holds many challenges, but we’re confident that SFS has the best products in the market and a great future ahead”.

SFS Limited

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