Galliford Try

Galliford Try has achieved a profit before tax of £11.4m on revenues of £1.125bn to 30 June, outperforming analysts’ expectations

The business balance sheet has been underlined with good cash generation, with average month-end cash through the year at £164m.

Galliford Try’s order book has grown to £3.3bn which underpins our future performance.

This firm foundation has provided the opportunity to put in place its new strategy for 2026.

Robust risk management will remain a cornerstone of the business as it aims to grow the operating margin to 3% on revenues towards £1.6bn and maintain strong cash generation while paying sustainable dividends.

Sustainable Growth strategy

The Sustainable Growth strategy has set four new priorities: Progressive culture, Socially responsible delivery, Quality and innovation and Sustainable financial returns incorporating refreshed targets across the group’s six pillars of sustainability.

This is in addition to the recent commitment by the business to reach net zero carbon across the group’s own operations by 2030 and across all activities by 2045.

The updated strategy elevates the group’s ambitions, aligning profit with purpose, and will be driven by digitalisation, decarbonisation and social value, increasing the long-term operational and financial resilience of the organisation.

Meeting the demand for social and economic infrastructure

Bill Hocking, chief executive of Galliford Try, said: “Over the last year, we have emerged stronger, returning to profitability and confirming our position as a leading UK construction group.

“Our commitment to robust risk management, careful contract selection and operational excellence underpins our performance and prospects. With an excellent order book and balance sheet and position in our chosen sectors, we are strongly positioned to meet the increasing demand for social and economic infrastructure in the UK.

“This secure foundation provides the basis for our Sustainable Growth strategy, which will ensure that we develop our business sustainably and profitably.

“The outlook is positive and the management team and board look forward to the new financial year with confidence. My thanks and appreciation go to all our staff, supply chain and clients who have worked so well together to keep our projects safely on track, despite the challenging circumstances.

“I am proud to lead a team of passionate, dedicated and skilled individuals who are all so aligned to our purpose.”


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