GRESB and BRE collaborate to integrate BREEAM API with the GRESB Portal


The collaboration unlocks the capability to locate, select and match valid BREEAM certificate entries to specific assets within a GRESB portfolio and help to improve the speed and accuracy of reporting for clients

GRESB participants can already link building certifications via the ‘Certification’ tab within the Asset Portal.  However, the addition of the BREEAM certification dataset via the newly introduced BREEAM API, provides another layer of transparency and efficiency to GRESB reporting.

The new functionality will be live for the 2018 GRESB reporting period and is the initial step in connecting GRESB to a BREEAM certification dataset in this way. Further functionality will be added over time as the two organisations continue to build stronger connections.

“The integration of the BREEAM API marks an important milestone for the industry as it enables seamless and assured reporting of BRE certifications to GRESB. It also represents another step forward in our ambitions to reduce the reporting burden for our respondents”, said Sander Paul van Tongeren, Co-founder and Managing Director at GRESB.

James Fisher, Existing Buildings Lead for BREEAM, added: “The API demonstrates the strong synergy between GRESB as a portfolio-based reporting tool and BREEAM as a more granular asset-based reporting and certification methodology. BREEAM and GRESB’s long-term aim is to increase the speed and efficiency of data reporting and provide clients with an effective means of identifying and improving sustainability performance over time.”


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