Plans unveiled for new twin gates into Kensington Gardens

kensington gardens gates

Developer Fenton Whelan has been given the go-ahead by The Royal Parks to submit plans for new twin Royal Park gates into Kensington Gardens

Fronting onto Bayswater Road the new twin Royal Park gates will be located some 19.7 metres distance apart and the new landscaped area between them blends into the existing landscape character of the North Walk in Kensington Gardens.

Designed and funded by Fenton Whelan the new entrance into Kensington Gardens forms part of the £18m in public contributions agreed between the developer and Westminster City Council as part of the construction of the adjacent Park Modern development.

The design of the new gates into Kensington Gardens will provide a contemporary and streamlined version of the existing Coalbrookdale Gates into Hyde Park which are located at the south end of West Carriage Drive, made in 1851 and designed by Charles Crookes.

Kensington Gardens’ new twin gates and adjoining railings will be made in cast iron, painted in black-bronze, with the finials of both gates supporting a total of four decorative lamps.

They have been specially designed to allow for two wheelchair or pram users to pass each other with ease, with the new entrance designed to accommodate future increases in visitor numbers without any challenges around crowding or congestion.

‘Facilitating easier access into the park’

Tom Jarvis, director of parks at The Royal Parks, said: “The Royal Parks is delighted to confirm that a design for the Queensway Gates on Bayswater Road will be submitted to Westminster City Council for consultation and planning approval.

“Every year millions of visitors come to Kensington Gardens for tourism, recreation and leisure and the wider new gateway and the twin road crossings to Queensway have been carefully designed to facilitate easier access into the park for all users including those with disabilities.”

James Van Den Heule, co-founding director of Fenton Whelan, commented: “Replacing the gates into Kensington Gardens will make a major contribution to the dramatic regeneration of the Queensway area, helping to transform it into the residential and retail focus of Hyde Park North.

“The new gateway is part of Fenton Whelan’s contribution to the renovation of the public realm along Queensway which also includes improving pavements, street lighting and landscaping in the area.”


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