Man charged following Travelodge incident in Liverpool


Merseyside police have confirmed that a man has been arrested after an incident last month saw a digger plough into a newly constructed Travelodge in Liverpool

Merseyside Police revealed a 35 year-old man from the Netherton area was arrested on 14 February. The man was charged with criminal damage and recklessly endangering life following an incident at the Travelodge building in the Liverpool Innovation Park on 21 January.

The man was seen driving a digger into the Travelodge entrance, tearing down windows, insulation and anything in his way.

Footage of the incident went viral on social media platforms and bystanders can be seen urging the man (‘John’) to stop.

The digger ultimately exited the building, leaving a heap of debris in its wake.

The construction project was overseen by Triton Construction who said there was no structural damage to the building.

John Arthur Manley, 35, of St Aidans Way has been remanded in custody to appear at court this morning (15 February).


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