Sir Robert McAlpine claims top spot of contractor league table


With five construction contracts totalling £561m, Sir Robert McAlpine has climbed its way to the top of the contractors league table for November

A large contribution of Sir Robert McAlpine’s £561m construction contracts awards came from the £250m mixed-use development at Gateshead Quays.

BAM Construction and Vinci Construction were in second and third place for November 2019, with a total construction contracts award value of £122m and £98m respectively.

This month, the top three contractors have been awarded a combined 15 projects at a total value of £781m. In October, the top three were awarded a total of nine projects valued at £1.4bn.

Galliford Try Construction sits at the top of the 12-month rolling table with total construction contract award values of £1.8bn made up of 87 projects.

Construction contract awards in November

The latest edition of the Top 50 League Tables published by industry analysts Barbour ABI, highlights the number and value of construction contracts awarded during November. This month shows that the combined value of contracts awarded to the Top 50 was £2.7bn with a total of 145 projects.

The overall value of all projects awarded to the top 50 contractors is down by 39.6%. The total value in October was £4.5bn, and in November it was £2.7bn.

The total quantity of projects also decreased by 20.3% from October to November, suggesting that the volume of projects awarded has dropped but that the value of those projects taking place has decreased more significantly.

Tom Hall, chief economist at Barbour ABI & AMA Research, commented: “November was a particularly quiet month for high value contract awards amongst the top 50 contractors.

“A significant drop in value from October suggests a cautious approach towards awarding big ticket projects during an uncertain period”.

In October six new entrants were catapulted to the top 10 in the league table. The value of construction contracts awarded to the Top 50 was £4.4bn with a total of 182 projects.


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