Pricing a construction project: 5 things I wish I’d known


Speaking to one of Build Aviators experts, Paul, explains 5 things he wishes he’d known when he was working in the industry…

  1. You’re not alone

When faced with the difficult task of pricing a construction project, many of us feel we are the only person in the world confronting this challenge. However, many builders face exactly the same problem. They are all working their way through, in different ways, to muddle through and solve the same problems. The complexity of pricing a building job is somewhat complicated. There is no choice other than to ‘guestimate’ elements of the job and hope for the best.

However, Build Aviator’s software removes all the ambiguity. It’s accurate and detailed estimating service and software takes the guesswork out of estimating. Build Aviator’s services do all the thinking for you – whether it’s the software working out the calculations or the ex-trades estimator using his expert knowledge and experience to accurately price the project. So the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone.

  1. Let people do the estimating

After all, your skills lie in construction.

Most builders who end up owning their own building company are highly skilled tradesmen. Therefore, they get a high volume of work. Before they know it, they have too much work to handle and end up trying to handle and manage all elements of the business but let’s face it, not all the elements will be their area of expertise.

Most builders didn’t get to where they are today because of estimating, so that’s why more and more tradesmen are choosing to let Build Aviator be the extension of their team that they need. Build Aviator prices the work for you to ensure you spend more time doing what you do best – doing the work!

  1. Customer communication is key

The communication between the builder and the customer during a build is often fraught. When meeting the proposed client for the first time, first impressions are important and builders will feel the pressure. You are seen as the expert so need to understand the plans and the customer’s expectations quickly for the construction project. A key part of the negotiation between the client and the builder is visualising what the client wants and marrying that to a reasonable and realistic cost.

Ensuring the quote is detailed is important to help display all the information to the client and prevent disputes. With Build Aviator’s software, it’s easy to present information to your client. The quote page is laid out simply, using pictures to explain and to ensure the information is as transparent as possible. The software works in sections, which reflects clearly, simply and in plain English. Using the software allows you to remove ambiguity and to communicate to the customer in a detailed manner they can understand. The software breaks down all the costs of the build to ensure there are no hidden costs and allows the client to understand as clearly as possible.

  1. You can never be too organised

You’re the professional, there is no need for you to be put on the spot when meeting a new client. Make sure you are well prepared. Creating a checklist is always a good idea as it allows you to go through all the details in a step-by-step manner, ensuring nothing is forgotten. A checklist can be reused for every new project. The smaller aspects of a construction project can be easily overlooked, which can lead to customer frustration because of delays in the job.

Build Aviator’s software makes it hard to forget anything as it quotes for every aspect of the job – down to each grain of sand. Everything is considered. All you have to do is add the dimensions in the relevant areas and the program is intelligent enough to do the rest – as simple as that. The program is intuitive enough to prompt you to ensure you include all the materials and reminds you of what might be needed. The program includes question marks next to each section which, when clicked, explain everything clearly and prevent confusion. It can advise you, for example, to add in measurements that may have omitted and prompt you to correct any mistakes. It’s continually pre-empting you and is always forward planning.

  1. Take care to prepare

The first initial visit to the site is to scope out where you can and can’t work. On arrival, you pitch up and understand where you can and can’t store the equipment. Not only does it make it easier for you and your team, it shows your client that you know what you are doing and that you take care when working. The preparation is key so there are no surprises, mistakes or damages during a construction project.

The Build Aviator program allows you to pre-plan and prepare for the initial site set-up. The program includes a section for site set-up that allows you to alleviate any damage. It thinks about the elements that may be overlooked or cost you more money but will be worth planning for as they will save you time, money and stop you damaging anything that belongs to the client. Build Aviator’s estimating service also allows for the setting up of the site. For example, when estimating, the estimator starts with site set-up and always allows for OSB sheets, which stop wear and tear and protective sheets, which prevent spillage. Build Aviator provides you with a clear and unambiguous statement of intent.



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