Drone footage shows Springhead Bridge concrete pour at Ebbsfleet

Springhead Bridge, Ebbsfleet Garden City

Ebbsfleet Garden City has released their latest drone footage of the concrete pour at the Springhead Bridge

The bridge funded by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation will run from Springhead Park to Station Access Road, above the River Ebbsfleet.

The 87 metre-long structure at Ebbsfleet Garden City will have access for all vehicles across two lanes as well as pedestrian footpaths and a cycle path.

The Springhead Bridge is set to open in Spring 2020. The bridge will reduce the reliance on the car for residents at Springhead Park and they will be able to walk to the station in eight minutes.

The design and construction of the bridge focused on providing access across the river whilst minimising the impact on the local environment.

The concrete has been poured and Springhead Bridge is continuing its rapid progression. Take a look at the latest drone footage to see how the bridge looks now.

Julia Gregory, director of projects with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, said: “Not only does this bridge cross a river but it is also next to the high speed line so you can imagine the engineering precision and skill that went into every stage of planning. Engineers work within only a few millimetres to ensure the steel beams fitted correctly

“When it is open, the bridge will provide an easy route on a dedicated walking lane for residents of Springhead Park who want to leave their car at home and get to Ebbsfleet International.”


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