[VIDEO] Simpson Strong-Tie launches ultra-resistant fasteners packaging


Engineered structural connector specialists, Simpson Strong-Tie has given its hardware packaging a new look

At Simpson Strong-Tie it’s not just the fasteners that are premium quality.

The hardware packaging is getting a new look!

The structural connector specialists have redesigned the packaging for its Premium Fasteners range to make it every bit as tough as the screws and nails it holds.

Resistant fasteners packaging

The newly developed premium fasteners packaging is made of engineered cardboard, durable enough to endure the rigours of daily life on a building site.

Resistant to rain, snow, moisture and heat the cardboard material has water-resistant web-corners, so the boxes stay solid even after standing on a wet surface for days.

In fact, it’s so strong that the boxes can be stacked, dropped, put to heavy use and still maintain their strength and stability.

The cardboard material has been certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council, and the boxes are designed to use as little cardboard as possible, so you can use our fasteners with a clean conscience.


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