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Ramsey Assal, founder of The Landsite, shares his advice on the best ways of sourcing and connecting with the right contractors to achieve a more sustainable development

Today, we are as environmentally conscious as we’ve ever been. Our impact upon the world’s climate is well-documented and undeniable. The need for change, therefore, extends across all avenues of life, and the worlds of construction and property are no exception. In fact, given that it’s buildings which consume 40% of global energy, annually, the industry arguably needs to take more responsibility than most.

Industry leaders are continually looking for ways in which environmental design can better be implemented into property developments and new builds. Whilst this change in industry focus is not altogether new, it is still something that many contractors and property professionals are getting to grips with.

The desire to be more sustainable is clearly there, but sometimes the capabilities with which to deliver it, are not. This is why finding connections with other industry professionals, those who do possess environmental services and expertise, is so important. One way in which a firm can deliver sustainability is through greater industry connectivity and networking.

Ramsay Assal, founder of online property marketplace The Landsite, offers his insight into how greater levels of connection are already facilitating the sector’s push for environmental sustainability.


The construction industry can be conservative when it comes to finding the right professional that is willing to take the environmental implications of their work into account. The AECB (Association of Environment Conscious Building) are committed to considering environmental consequences.

They are an independent organisation dedicated to promoting environmentally sensitive building work. When looking for a professional with a genuine interest in environmental issues, the AECB is an excellent place to start.

It is, however, worth noting that the association does not take it upon themselves to inspect members’ work, nor take up references. If you do take on a member of the AECB, it will be necessary for you to carry out your own background research to decide whether their quality of work is up to a satisfactory standard. You will also need to ensure they are suitably qualified for the job at hand.

Searching online

Of course, in a world where everything is digital, many people’s first port of call is carrying out a quick search online. The vast wealth of data available to you through search engines like Google mean that you’re more than likely to find what you’re looking for.

However, while search engines do allow for instant interaction and connection, they are by no means without their limitations. After all, there’s a vast difference between search engine results and a tailor-made platform which is industry-specific.

A recent survey carried out by The Landsite found that a staggering 91% of people said they would consider online alternatives to Google, if prospective customers could still find them. The same survey also found an equally overwhelming 93% of property professionals would upload their business insights and data if they knew it was going to be used to target property buyers, investors and other property professionals.

A streamlined portal such as The Landsite provides a more refined way of finding connections. So, when it comes to sourcing an engineer specialising in energy efficiency, for example, you are able to access everything you need quickly. Users can source a contractor, post a job listing and peruse potential opportunities in their desired location, all within a few clicks. This makes seeking out sustainably-minded professionals far easier.

Whether you opt for something more intuitive like The Landsite, or stick with search engines, the fact remains that online is the best place. This is especially true as studies now show that 86% of property professionals are increasing their online presence in 2020.

Virtual trade fairs & shows

Traditionally, trade fairs would have been a mainstay of the property professional’s yearly circuit. They encouraged fantastic opportunities for like-minded individuals and businesses to exchange details and collaborate with one another.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, most of these events have had pins put in them for the foreseeable future, dealing expectant professionals a significant blow.

Whilst the pandemic may have closed one door, others are opening up all the time. 2020 has opened our eyes to a world where digital networking has never been more valuable, a fact which is unlikely to change.

Tackling sustainability within your projects requires staying connected and up to date with new information and opportunity within the industry. Utilising online networking opportunities and the chance to interact with other business professionals on a platform like The Landsite, when face-to-face interactions aren’t always possible, is more important now than ever before.


Ramsey Assal


The Landsite

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