Support sought for plant-based sector representative organisation

plant-based sector representative organisation,

A number of employer associations and federations are working collaboratively to establish a new construction plant-based sector representative organisation

As part of the hunt for a new plant-based sector representative organisation, support is being sought from the sector to include certification bodies supporting its aims, objectives and function.

Since 2015, the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) criteria for industry card schemes have referred to a sector representative organisation to agree along with relevant standards-setting bodies such as CITB, the standard of qualifications and skills for construction occupations.

However, there has been no sector representative organisation for plant occupations and feedback from employers has indicated that this has contributed to ambiguity, misperception and ineffectiveness in the use of construction plant-based card schemes.

This was borne out of a number of roadshows hosted by the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) in early 2019, as well as other past meetings and forums from which considerable support has been received from all sides for the establishment of a plant-based sector representative organisation.

The principal employers’ federations and associations who have a key interest in plant have subsequently agreed to work together to create and establish a plant-specific sector representative organisation. Those involved include Build UK, the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA), the Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS), the Home Builders Federation (HBF), the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) and the Scottish Plant Owners Association (SPOA).

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) – as the promoters of the single logo for all construction-based card schemes – are also fully supportive of this initiative. The CPA has agreed to initially administer the formation of this new organisation.

The new plant-based sector representative organisation is entitled the Plant Sector Representative Organisation (PSRO) and it has created a board consisting of representatives from each of the participating federations and associations who will abide by a Terms of Reference in carrying out its objectives and operation.

In principle, the intended outcome of the PSRO is in the enabling of a sufficient supply of individuals for plant-based occupations that have the requisite competencies following training and assessment, based on standards defined by an employer-devised framework which is both pragmatic and sustainable.

The PSRO seeks support, input and contribution from all industry and all stakeholders who have a role or interest in the supply of training, skills and competence requirements for plant-based occupations and help deliver the intended outcome and objectives.

As a first step, the CPA has, on behalf of the PSRO Board, organised a series of meetings, namely:

5 November 2019 at Nuthurst Grange, Hockley Heath – This meeting is specifically for representatives from certification bodies that offer construction plant-based cards.

Followed by a series of open industry engagement meetings on the following dates:

19 November 2019 at Jurys Inn Oxford

21 November 2019 at Mercure Haydock Hotel, Merseyside

26 November 2019 at Stirling Court Hotel, Scotland

At each of the meetings, representatives from the PSRO Board will relay and discuss the various conditions and protocols necessary to bring about the intended outcomes and operation of the plant-based sector representative organisation.


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