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ICW, a leading building warranties and building control provider, is pleased to have launched a new warranty scheme for high value projects

Having increased capacity with their A-rated insurer, ICW now offers a high value warranty policy for single structures with a reinstatement value of up to £50m.warranty scheme

This is the latest development from ICW, which has continued to expand its warranty and building control services in recent years. This new scheme complements the ICW warranty offering that encompasses residential and commercial projects, as well as social housing schemes.

With over 140 staff working across UK, ICW is one of the major providers of building warranties and building control services and strives to be a partner of choice offering a fresh approach to the market with high levels of customer service.

Delivering a seamless service

Over the past 12 months, we have seen mortgage lending rising to the highest levels in recent years due to pent-up demand in the housing sector. One of the key themes of the pandemic has been the trend of people moving home due to remote working flexibilities or the need for more space. With an unprecedented demand in the market, there is new and intense demand placed on housebuilders and developers to deliver high quality new homes.

ICW can provide support to meet these challenges, offering clients a rich mix of warranty experience and expertise, with an option for building control services as well. This ensures that ICW can deliver a seamless service to help clients keep one step ahead in a fast-changing environment.

ICW strives to support housebuilders and developers while keeping a sharp focus on the quality of services delivered. Combining technology with excellent customer service, ICW’s approach is technically driven as it continuously develops solutions that help unlock efficiencies to deliver excellent service levels and best value to customers.

MMC becoming mainstream

Increasingly, MMC has been widely promoted as part of the solution to address some of the issues that will help meet national targets for the supply of new homes. There has been clear progress in the delivery of homes using MMC with a growing confidence in clients who decide to adopt a modular approach as the benefits become more recognised.

Using pre-manufactured or offsite manufacture of modular systems can relieve some of the pressures of supply chain and onsite labour requirements and can also result in efficiencies in the build process.

To help navigate through the warranty requirements on an MMC project, ICW supports developers through the steps needed. The ICW approval process will assist manufacturers through a framework of inspections to gain system approval, ensuring that architects and specifiers can be confident about the quality and suitability of modular systems used on projects. With many housebuilders planning to include MMC in their future programmes and the increasing use of MMC in social and affordable housing developments, ICW can provide support to ensure the supply of quality new homes.

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