Drones are helping construction firms tackle Britain’s housing crisis head-on, according to Robert Garbett, founder of the UK Drone Delivery Group and Drone Major Group Limited

The use of drones presents an increasingly attractive opportunity within the housebuilding and construction industries to reduce costs, mitigate safety risks, increase accuracy and improve decision-making.

From social housing to the private rental sector, finding somewhere to live is too often marred by long waiting lists and endless red tape. Developers and the public sector are gradually waking up to this crisis, however, until recently the pace of construction remained one of the key barriers to change.

Unlocking potential

Huge benefits are also being realised by those responsible for the development and maintenance of the nation’s infrastructure. West Sussex County Council, surveying the county’s bridges in partnership with a leading international infrastructure group, is just one example of how drones are improving efficiently, speed of delivery and also reducing costs.

Robert Garbett, founder and CEO of Drone Major Group, said: “Drone technology is being used to dramatically reduce planning cycles and save millions on large scale infrastructure and highway projects.

“The key breakthrough in this area will be the adoption of regulations to allow routine ‘Beyond Visual Line of Sight‘ (BVLOS) operations.

“At the moment, BVLOS operations are possible but the process of seeking permission is rigorous and by exception making the hurdles to accomplishing tasks too high.

“Work continues and I am confident that routine BVLOS operations will be permissible in the near future unlocking the true potential of drones in this environment.”


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