Only 19% of large consultancy clients consider net zero designs


Latest figures from the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) reveal that only 19% of large consultancy clients ask for net zero designs

The ACE figures highlight that more needs to be done to encourage clients to consider net zero designs, ahead of COP26’s built environment day.

Commenting on the figures, ACE director of policy Matthew Farrow said: “Built environment day at COP26 will shine a spotlight on our industry’s progress towards net zero, but the key takeaway is that consultants are, by-and-large, making progress and taking positive steps.

‘Net zero at the heart’

“Through being able to offer net zero design as standard, and encouraging clients to make this the default option, consultants can enable clients to take informed and rounded decisions on carbon. With recent important initiatives such as the Construction Playbook and Value Toolkit giving the industry the tools to incorporate a fuller view of value in the design and delivery of projects, now is the time to put net zero at the heart of what we do.”

SME consultancies

The statistics also found that only 24% of SME clients request net zero designs.

However, some progress is already being made within the consultancy industry as 90% of large consultancies and 50% of SMEs have made or signed up to a public net zero pledge.

Additionally, 82% of large consultancies and 44% of SMEs have provided in-house carbon literacy training for non-carbon specialist staff.

55% of large consultancies, along with 33% of SMEs, are also beginning to push clients to ask for a net zero design solution.


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