In this episode of Collaboration Corner, Revizto returns to London to attend DCW 2022 – Europe’s ‘biggest’ digital construction event – to talk with Multiplex, UK BIM Alliance, and more!

This episode of collaboration corner kicks off with Rhys Lewis, director at Revizto, who is heading down to DCW 2022 to speak with the company’s clients.

A single source of truth

Lewis firstly meets with Marta Pallares Baron, digital manager at Multiplex, about moving to a single source of truth with Revizto.

Baron states: “It’s not just the money that you invest into this type of software, it’s the time training people. [With Revizto], it’s only one thing that you need to install onto your computer, so it’s definitely a plus!”

Next, Rhys Lewis meets with Jake Lucier, who has travelled all the way from Hong Kong to Digital Construction Week. He asks Jake to introduce himself.

Lucier said: “I’m Jake Lucier, director of Integrated Design. We’re using BIM to manage and coordinate projects in a practical and effective manner for main contractors and subcontractors.”

Lucier then demonstrates how the company is using Revizto: “This is Revizto drawings that we have overlaid onto models for a superstructure.” He then shows Lewis how the software is being used to coordinate the project to interface it with different parties.

‘Sharing ideas and asking questions’

Over at the BIM Open Mic stand, Lewis meets with Casey Rutland. Rutland introduces himself: “I’m Casey Rutland, the founding director of Digital Green, vice-chair of UK BIM Alliance, and chair of Building Smart UK.

“I’m here today at DCW at the BIM open mic session, which is all about people sharing ideas, and asking questions.”

“It’s great to see so many people coming and meeting to collaborate and learn about new technology like Bricscad – CAD software for everyone!” – Jas Pawar, Bricsys.

Walking around the exhibition, Rhys runs into David Philp from AECOM and the Construction Innovation Hub. He states: “One thing I’m really enjoying is seeing the connection between geospatial and digital construction. Every year, that connection is getting closer and closer.

“There’s so much energy in the room! I love having these conversations again.”

Lewis asks Philip what has stood out to him at the show so far. Philip responds: “I think talking about societal change and outcomes is great. Everywhere you go you also hear about sustainable development goals!”

‘The perfect collaborative experience’

Over at the FULmax stand, Malcom Stagg, chief digital officer at FULcro, is showcasing immersive collaborative VR using the power of Revizto.

Rhys states: “You actually feel like you’re within the space!”

Stagg explains: “You’re able to step inside your model and appreciate what it’s going to take to install these services on your project as if you’re there on site.

“All of these issues can be resolved before you get to the site. The manufacturing of data and information running through Revizto- it creates the perfect collaborative experience.”

The future of the built environment

Rhys Lewis also meets with Oliver Hughes, event director and co-founder of Digital Construction Week. Lewis asks Hughes why people watching should attend the event this time next year: “Anyone interested in the future of the built environment should head down. Tech, digitalisation, and innovative new ways of working – it’s all here.”

Industry collaboration

Over at the Innovation Exchange area, Rhys meets with Mohammad Shana’a, CEO at Morta, and Luka Stefanovic, architecture industry specialist at Vectorworks. Rhys speaks Mohammad and Luka about, Revizto’s integrated platform, interoperability, and how mutual clients can better connect data.

Heading home, Rhys concludes: “It’s been a fantastic show personally, but also for Revizto, and the BIM Alliance.”


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