Man convicted on three counts for misusing ‘architect’ title


Andrew John Priestley of John Priestley Associates has been convicted of three counts of misusing the title ‘architect’ and fined £6,240

Andrew John Priestley of London was convicted of three counts of the criminal offence of misusing the title ‘architect’.  Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard that Priestley continued to represent himself as a “UK registered and Chartered Architect” despite not having his name on the Architects Register since 2010, contrary to section 20 of the Architects Act 1997. He continued to do so despite numerous warnings from ARB, the professions’ regulator.

The three charges were in relation to the John Priestley Associates’ website and Priestley’s online business profile.

Taking into account the defendant’s reluctance to engage with ARB (Architects Registration Board) and his absence from court, the magistrates imposed a combined fine of £3,000 on Andrew John Priestley, and a further £3,240 in costs and surcharges, creating a total of £6,240 to be paid within 14 days.

Magistrates determine the amount of the fine and related costs after considering the nature of the offence and any mitigation put forward by the defendant.  Money raised from fines is paid to HM Treasury, not to ARB.

It is hoped that the criminal convictions, fines and the negative publicity associated with cases such as this will act as a deterrent for others who may use the title illegally.

In regulating misuse of the title ‘architect’ the objective of ARB is to limit the harm as swiftly and effectively as possible.

ARB will continue to observe Priestley’s trading style and take further action if necessary.


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