Data from Bizdaq, the business selling solution, suggests that there are 341,625 SMEs working in the construction sector within the UK

Across the UK, over 70% of SMEs are registered as micro businesses – an indicator that the appeal in developing a business from scratch is far from being in the decline.

With a total of over one and a half million (1,667,265) SMEs in the UK, the construction industry makes up 20% of the UK’s SMEs. The region most densely populated with construction SMEs is London, housing over fifty-three thousand (53,645) SMEs.

The importance of small and medium sized businesses to the economy is significant with over 51% of total revenue and over 60% private sector employment driven by SMEs and because of this, it’s becoming more important than ever before to ensure these enterprises are supported in every way possible to protect the UK economy.

Bizdaq has created an interactive online map that provides an overview of UK SMEs, including which regions are most and least heavily saturated with SME and which industries are dominating the SME landscape.

Housing just under quarter of a million (246,840) SMEs alone, the SME capital of the UK is London. Followed by the South East contributing 14% (232,820) of the UK’s SMEs and the North West which is home to 10% (176,845).

In contrast, the UK regions with the least number of SMEs include Northern Ireland with just under fifty thousand (48,865) SMEs, Wales with just over seventy-three thousand (73,825) and the North East with over eighty-five thousand (86,160).

The dominating SME industries in the UK are the wholesale of retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, accommodation and food services, and education.

Sean Mallon, CEO and founder of Bizdaq commented: “SMEs contribute so much to the economy, it’s great to have the ability to identify areas with low SME numbers such as Northern Ireland and the North East where the development of SMEs would be hugely beneficial.”


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