First fully electric crawler cranes start work on HS2

electric crawler cranes

HS2 has welcomed the UK’s first fully electric crawler cranes to its construction sites as the project moves towards becoming diesel free

Three fully electric crawler cranes have arrived at HS2’s Old Oak Common site and Canterbury Road vent shaft site. There are only five of these 100% emissions-free, giant Liebherr cranes in the world.

HS2 recently announced that it aims to be net zero carbon from 2035, with the target of achieving diesel-free construction sites by 2029.

The cranes will cut carbon, improve air quality and reduce noise, making sites cleaner and safer for site workers and local communities.

‘Diesel-free construction sites by 2029’

HS2 Minister, Andrew Stephenson said: “HS2 is paving the way for greener and cleaner practices by working towards being net zero carbon from 2035, having diesel-free construction sites by 2029 and committing to trains running on zero carbon energy from day one.

“Having the UK’s first fully electric crawler cranes begin work on HS2 is the latest step in making these commitments a reality and aligning the country’s biggest infrastructure project with the Government’s ambitions for a greener transport.”

‘HS2 sites cleaner and greener’

HS2’s Air Quality Lead, Andrea Davidson said: “As a result of HS2’s strict emissions requirements and our move towards diesel free construction sites by 2029, our contractors and supply chain are constantly pushing the boundaries to find ways to cut carbon emissions.

“We’re delighted that we’re leading the industry by introducing the UK’s first large fully electric crawler cranes, making our HS2 sites cleaner and greener.”


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