Building a sustainable tomorrow: BAM praised for climate action efforts


Royal BAM Group has been commended for its efforts to support climate action, as it achieves a place on CDP’s ‘A-List’ for climate change for the third year running

The climate change A-List is published by CDP each year, alongside the lists for the leadership on protecting forests and water security, which name the world’s businesses who are leading on environmental performance.

BAM was recognised for its actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks, and develop the low-carbon economy, based on the data reported by the company through CDP’s 2021 climate change questionnaire.

CDP’s annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is widely recognised as the gold standard of corporate environmental transparency.

In 2021, 590 investors with US $110 trillion in assets and 200 major purchasers with US $5.5 trillion in procurement spend requested companies to disclose data on environmental impacts, risks and opportunities through CDP’s platform.

Out of the number of companies asked, 13,000 companies responded, which has been reported as ‘record-breaking’ statistics.

‘We have delivered a strong year-on-year reduction in our carbon footprint’

Ruud Joosten, CEO of Royal BAM Group stated: “The inclusion in CDP’s climate change A list is one of the key objectives of our strategic plan 2021-2023, ’Building a sustainable tomorrow’.

“It is a clear illustration of BAM’s ambitious carbon reduction targets and of the progress we made so far. We have delivered a strong year-on-year reduction in our carbon footprint, driven by initiatives, such as electric transport, purchasing green electricity and electrification of construction sites and equipment.

“We consider it as an incentive for the transparency of our reporting, including insight into climate risks and opportunities for BAM”.


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