Kelbray commits to earth friendly concrete in the UK

earth friendly concrete,

Keltbray has partnered with Wagners and Capital Concrete to supply and place Earth Friendly Concrete® in the UK

As part of its ongoing sustainability commitment, Keltbray has made a financial guarantee to ensure 11000m3 of Earth Friendly Concrete is placed by the end of June 2021.

The commitment comes on the back of increased stakeholder interest and demand for a significant reduction in embodied carbon within building and civil engineering projects.

Keltbray is already a certified provider, having installed the first-ever pile using Wagners Earth Friendly Concrete in London earlier in the year.

The use of low carbon mixes and geopolymer concrete alternatives is widely accepted as a key opportunity in line with the UK government’s decarbonisation commitments.

Keltbray has been working with forensics engineer, Royal Academy of Engineering Professor, Peter Robery, from Birmingham University who has undertaken a thorough, independent review of the testing data for the company.

Earth Friendly Concrete is a product manufactured by Australian firm Wagners and is a zero cement, geopolymer concrete supplied by Capital Concrete in London.

The innovative product typically offers a 50% saving in embodied carbon over and above standard piling mixes.

Significant performance advantages include improved durability, lower shrinkage, earlier strength gain, higher flexural tensile strength and increased fire resistance.

‘Reduce the carbon footprint of construction’

Darren James, chief executive officer at Keltbray, said: “We’re proud to be partnering with Wagners and Capital Concrete on this industry-leading initiative to provide low carbon concrete solutions.

“Keltbray is serious about our obligations to society to reduce the carbon footprint of construction and look forward to engaging with clients and customers to deliver the UK government’s decarbonisation commitments.”

Cameron Coleman, chief executive officer at Wagners, commented: “Wagners are extremely proud to see this Australian innovation leading the global concrete industry in placing zero-cement geopolymers at scale in marquee projects.

“Innovation requires vision and great partnerships to succeed.

“This partnership with Keltbray and Capital Concrete will deliver great outcomes for innovative and sustainable construction in the UK.”

Stuart Norman, managing director for Piling at Keltbray, added: “We have been using EFC for temporary works elements over the last 10 months with great success.

“EFC is particularly suited for permanent works use within piled foundations, and Professor Robery has been assisting us in the review of the technical data we have.

“Having learned some practical lessons along the way, we are now extremely confident in the performance and durability of EFC and are actively recommending its use for permanent works foundation piles.”


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