Andy Mitchell steps down as CLC co-chair


The CLC has announced that co-chair Andy Mitchell will step down in spring 2022, and are now searching for applicants to fill the role

Andy Mitchell, who co-chairs the CLC alongside the Minister for Business and Industry Lee Rowley, was appointed in October 2018 and has since guided the construction sector through the Covid-19, while establishing the CLC as a recognised driver of change for the sector.

The CLC continues to deliver positive change, including Construct Zero, Building Safety, meeting the Skills Challenge, and implementing the Construction Playbook.

The future co-chair will work directly with the government, chairing a range of its industry-wide meetings, alongside acting as a spokesperson for the CLC.

‘A unity and coherence in the industry not seen before’

Andy Mitchell commented: “I am extremely proud of what we have achieved together in the last 3 years, and it is clear that not only did we play a major role in leading the industry through the pandemic but in the process we have managed to get a unity and coherence in the industry not seen before – and we are now with credibility and confidence laying out plans for the industry’s development in the future.

With a little over 18 months to go before we start commissioning on Tideway, it is right that I now dedicate my full focus to the project, but I wish the CLC the very best for the future.”

‘Set UK construction on a positive course for the future’

CLC Co-chair Lee Rowley MP said: “On behalf of the CLC and the Government I want to express our thanks to Andy for the extraordinary commitment that he has provided to the CLC for the past three years. His leadership of the Council through one of the toughest challenges that the industry has faced has been exemplary and has set UK construction on a positive course for the future.”


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